Our goal is to achieve long-term sustainable operations within every area – environmentally, socially and financially. You can find out more about our work here.

Climate and the environment

We are working towards a reduced impact on the environment and climate throughout the entire value chain – from production to transport. One of our ambitions is a closed cycle and circularity in our production. The raw products for our cores consist of, among other things, FSC certified, recycled carton fibre and worn out cores become in turn a new raw product. At the same time, we save on resources by minimising waste and using environmentally-classed electricity. Once the cores are ready for delivery, we plan for joint transportation to avoid unnecessary transports, and use environmentally friendly vehicles with renewable fuel where possible. We are continually evaluating and improving our work through our environmental management system, certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015. Find out more about the work in our quality and environmental policy (in swedish).

Our customers demand that purchases are made from the Nordic region. We also safeguard the environment and our quality, which is our primary competitive advantage. That is why Scandicore is the obvious choice.

Social sustainability

We believe in the power of our partnerships. For employees and business partners. That is why we engage in local networks and co-operative associations in West Sweden. That is also why we endeavour to maintain a sustainable and stimulating working environment with the focus on long-term thinking and well-being. An important part of the work is our quality work, which develops our way of working, certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. By assimilating know-how and sharing our own, we can build a sustainable future together. You can find out about this and much more in our code of conduct.

Financial sustainability

Financial sustainability is important for long-term relationships and partnerships. It also goes hand in hand with more effective use of resources. When we use fewer resources, we reduce costs while making our production more efficient. As a result of our ISO-certified quality and environmental management system, we are continuously working on improving and streamlining our business. This is a central part of being a financially secure and long-term partner.

Sustainable development

We contribute towards sustainable development in the region as a result of our membership of the Public and Private Social Responsibility Initiative (CSR Västsverige), the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce and the Borås Club for Industry and Trade.

Circular production

Most of the raw products for our cores are recycled and FSC certified. In turn, they are recycled by our partners.


We follow up and develop our environmental work through our management system, certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015

Would you like to find out more?

We are happy to tell you more about what our sustainability work means for you as a partner. Get in touch with Sören Arvidsson, who is responsible for quality and environmental work at Scandicore.

Sören Arvidsson

Technical support / Quality coordinator

+46 (0)33-22 54 68